REBOOT your system!

The power button is indicated by the the green LED light located on the device. Should you be having any issues with the device, please press and hold the button to REBOOT the system! You may be thinking that this is only accomplished on an electronic device. Not so! A REBOOT can be performed for your body too. …

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Rain brings payroll contemplation

While I was staring out the window watching the rain come down, I thought “How many other business owners are doing the same thing?” Then I thought, “They should call me to discuss their payroll situation.” At least it would get our minds off the rain. Happy Tuesday.


We want all of you to succeed in life and in business. Thing is, most of us struggle to accomplish this on our own. A simple technique to help you is really quite easy. GIVE! We have been given a great opportunity in this community to provide help for others, while in turn receiving valuable …

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