REBOOT your system!

The power button is indicated by the the green LED light located on the device. Should you be having any issues with the device, please press and hold the button to REBOOT the system!

You may be thinking that this is only accomplished on an electronic device. Not so! A REBOOT can be performed for your body too. You may not have a button to push (your partner may suggest you, do in fact, have one) but to clear the issues and stresses of everyday life, it is vital that you take the time to REBOOT! As we go through each day collectively gathering “stuff”, making lists, filling our minds with items that just take up space, a good REBOOT could be all we need to be refreshed and productive in our work and personal lives. “How do I REBOOT?” you ask! Each REBOOT is different for everyone. It may be an extended weekend, a baseball game with a dog and a box of cracker jacks, as simple as a quite room where you can have a spiritual connection, a walk on a beautiful beach with the one you love, or maybe sending the one you love away for some alone time! We all know what our REBOOT consists of. If you haven’t had a chance to REBOOT lately here is a simple technique to get you started, ready? Take a deep breathe, let it out, commit to yourself that you deserve time to REBOOT your system, then DO IT! REBOOT!

Let us know if we can help you maintain a continued REBOOT!

“Payroll. The easy way!”

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