Payroll Service

We are pes-wies! Providing small to medium sized Idaho businesses the opportunity to outsource some of their frustrations and concerns regarding payroll. Some of those frustrations may include but are not limited to:
*payroll preperation and processing.
*tax deposits and reporting. (FUTA, SUTA, FICA – what do I do with these?)
*vacation, personal leave, holiday accruals.
*getting checks in the hands of employees. (on time!)
*proper documentation required by accounting professionals.
*time and cost issues.
If any or all of these issues are a concern for your business, you have options! pes-wies would like to help. Visit our contact page for a quick comparison of your current payroll processes. Or click over to our events page, click on a post, scroll down to speak your mind, and let us know how we can provide you with payroll support piece of mind.
“Payroll. The Easy Way!”
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