Overcome expectations..

While we all assume everyone else is to blame for our faults and misguided delusions, we come to expect every part of our life is reflected by what others seem to consider the way things should be. When in fact, this life, your life, is just that, YOURS! So people think they know whats best for you? What you should be doing to make yourself worthy of their expectations? Well, are they correct? Look deep inside of who you are and consider this, You are appreciated. People are confused about what you offer. They see a way to control the outcome of your behavior to satisfy their desires. To become a pawn in a game of chess may be one way to be involved, but why not become the King or Queen of the game. Expect everything in your life to go without trials and you too fool yourself. Take pride in overcoming adversity in life. It makes you who you are today. Thank others for their opinions and stand by your values in faith. You will find what you are looking for! This advice is free, but the outcome of your life is priceless!


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