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Welcome to Connect! As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Follow the Instructions to Create Your “New Connect Account.” Or, to Login to Your Current Connect Account!

  1. Create Account (Login & Password) *You only have to create an account once.
  2. Verify Account (via text or email)
  3. Once you are verified, you can view archived pay stubs, W-2’s, and more!

To set up your personal “Connect Login” – START HERE!

*If you have already set up a login and password with Connect, please login with your username and password on the "right side" of the Connect login in page. (

It’s that easy! Sign in as often as you want from anywhere you have inter-web access!

(If you have any problems with signing up or logging in, please contact our office directly. We would be happy to help! 208-854-1900.)

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