So Long 2020!

Well it’s time to say goodbye to our friend 2020! (NOT a friend)…

It’s been one heck of a year for pes-wies and all of our client companies. Not to mention the rest of the nation as well!

With COVID-19 making its debut in late February, this nation has seen a drastic change from the “NORM.” Starting with a national stay at home order, to having to keep all your beautiful smiles covered with a mask! (Although, for some, this was inviting because they didn’t have to worry about halitosis or whispering under their breath!)

Many businesses struggled to survive, employees found themselves unemployed, and families struggled to pay the bills! Our “wonderful” government gave out small stimulus payments (more to large companies and other countries), extended benefits on unemployment and did what they could to keep us all at home. Did it work? We will leave that question for the individual families and businesses.
We are all still wondering if this will become our new “NORM.”

We also had several employees who did catch the COVID, and we are happy to report they have all recovered and returned to process your payrolls! (Our hearts go out to anyone who lost a family members or friends during this pandemic.)

pes-wies was still blessed to continue to provide our payroll support services to client companies that made it through this pandemic and also the newest client companies that still have employees to take care of. We are humbled that you would choose us for your payroll support service needs!

We look forward to a much better year in 2021… We wish you and your families the most Blessed Christmas and New Year ever in 2021!

Thank you for trusting in pes-wies “Payroll. The easy way!” for your payroll support service needs!



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