New Billing Policy for Clients of pes-wies. (Due to Concerns Beyond Our Control. Thanks COVID-19!)

To Our Valued Client:

This letter is to inform you of the upcoming change that is being made to the billing system of pes-wies.  The change will go into effect April 1, 2020.

After analyzing the potential economic issues that may result because of the national coronavirus situation, we have determined that it is necessary for us to change our collection method.  Although we do not think that any of our clients’ businesses are financially unstable, as we all learned during the 2008 recession, funding issues tend to trickle down.  Even the most stable of businesses can be severely impacted if its clients or the clients of those clients experience a funding issue

There is a three business-day window of time that any payments collected can be reversed back out.   During that three-day window, your employees’ net checks have cleared our account and most of the taxes that we have collected from you have been remitted to the taxing agencies.  We are a small locally owned business and we do not have the ability to carry that expense if your payment were to be reversed.  We are not a bank and we do not have the ability to extend any type of credit.  That is why it is imperative during this uncertain economic time that we ensure that we have collected funds prior to releasing any funds.  This is being done not only for our protection, but more importantly, it is being done for the protection of all our clients.

We have three options available to minimize the inconvenience the collection change may have on your business:


  1. ACH direct debit that is collected 4 business days prior to when the payroll is released. This would require that you submit your payroll for processing at least 5 business days in advance.  This is the preferred method as it is the simplest for both our companies.


  1. Cashier’s check. You can either bring the check to our office, or else we can send a courier out to you to collect the check.  We would need to collect the cashier’s check by noon of the business day prior to your check date if you want your employees to be paid via direct deposit.


  1. Security deposit.  We would collect a security deposit from you in the amount of your average payroll expense.  We would put that money into a retainer account and access it only if your regular collection is reversed.  That security deposit would be refunded back to you sometime in the future when the economy stabilizes.


Please let us know which option you would like to be set up on. 


If we do not hear back from you, one of our representatives will be getting in contact with you to get your new collection method established.  We value your business and apologize for any inconvenience that this billing change may cause you.



Marcy Brown and Darcy Proctor

pes-wies “Payroll. The easy way!” 208-854-1900 Office

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