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pes-wies helps provide payroll support services to local Idaho businesses with Idaho based employees.

“Idaho dollars remaining in your local Idaho communities!”



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pes-wies provided payroll support services include,

but are not limited to:

Idaho Payroll Processing

from hours reported by Client Companies.

Idaho Tax Deposits

Idaho Tax Reporting (to include FUTA, SUTA, matching Social Security, & matching Medicare filings.)

Idaho Employee Withholdings

(FED Income Tax, State Income tax, Social Security, & Medicare withholdings.)

Filing Required New Hire Reports in Idaho

Providing Necessary Employee Forms for Hire

(Employee Data Sheet, Federal W-4, Idaho W-4, I-9 form, & Direct Deposit Form.)

Providing Current W-2 Forms


Providing Vacation and PTO Accrual Reports

 (If required.)

Providing Customized Payroll Reports to Client Companies.

(Payroll Journal, Cost Accounting, Detailed Cost Reports, & More……)

Providing Local Payroll Deliveries to Client Companies.

(Delivery Courier, USPS, & UPS. Options.)

Providing Employee Web-Based Portal for archived check stubs and W-2 forms

(Accessing their own Information.)

Providing Deductions for 401k, Major Medical, Supplemental Insurances, & Employee matching portions.

These deductions are credited back to the client company for premium payments to their respective provider.)

Providing Child Support & Tax Garnishment Checks

(Forwarded to respective organizations.)

Providing Current & Updated Required Labor Posters


For more detailed information and pricing,

please contact our office at 208-854-1900. Or fill out our “Payroll Cost Comparison Form”, located on our Contact Page.


“We pay your employees for you!”

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