Your Story is Novel.

Clearly what you decide to do today can and will effect others around you. We each write our own story  every day. Adding to the the novel of life. Your book happens to be different from mine and those around us have different stories as well. No two stories are the same, yet each story effects someone else.
Take into consideration¬†each word you speak or action you perform. Does the response of your action effect anyone around you? You better believe it does! Frown at the next person your encounter, laugh behind someones back, smile at a pretty face, open the door for the person behind you, wave at someone across the room. Every action has an equal response back. Does this change your story? Does it change anyone else’s story?
The chapter I want to write today in my story can start right now. It can evolve into a wonderful romantic drama, comedy, or horror show at any time! I choose, as each of you should as well, to write for the benefit of others. Make it a novel of epic proportion. Humble yourself in the eyes of others and watch your story rise to the best sellers list in life. I would love to read your story. Am I in it?

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