You Want What?!

You Want What?

So my daughter asked for something I was not expecting last month. At 11 years old, I assumed that being hurt was the last thing that her little body could or would want to handle at this point! But she said it anyway. “Dad, I want a broke arm!” “WHAT?” She explained that her friend had had one not to long ago, it didn’t hurt all that much, and she had all her friends sign her cast. “WHAT?” “Yeah, I think it would be cool!” “WHAT?”

Ok, so now I have to explain the injury, and the outcome of having a broken bone with a cast. In short, here it was: “First, Little Miss it  HURTS!” “Second, the bone must be reset to the right position when you get to the doctors office, it  HURTS!” “Third, the cast can’t get wet so showers are out. You can’t do your own hair, getting dressed will be not so fun, did I mention your skin will itch and become very smelly?” “Bet your friend didn’t tell you that!”

Her response, “I’ll be fine!” Fast forward to today. My daughter now has a broken wrist from a scooter accident. She says it HURTS! It itches and the smell is really bad. I can’t do my hair and I’m tired of taking baths. “WHEN WILL THIS CAST COME OFF?”

Little Miss, I LOVE YOU! “Can I sign your cast? Dad!

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