Without Saying too Much!

Short and sweet is easy to see, very little to say, not having to offer all the right answers. Can you refer something or someone to a prospect without saying to much? I bet you can! People often wonder, “Why build a relationship, when all you want to do is sell them something?” Well here is my two cents, for what it is worth….

 A relationship in today’s society is more important then a sale!

You ask: “How then, do I pay the bills?”

Your answer: through the relationship you just created!

That relationship can turn into cash with trust, honesty, understanding, and patience. It can refer business to you each day with a simple connection that they can provide. Asking for business through that relationship is vital. It might work best if you understand the needs of others and help refer them to those you have already established a relationship with. Here’s what I mean:

 John Smith of ABC company is in need of a financial plan for his employees. Of course my services are limited for his needs, but I have a relationship (connection) that I have built with a great business partner. This is someone I trust, respect, and someone I would use if I had the need for financial plans. John is open to the introduction of this individual because, we too, have a trusting relationship together. As John is offered the information for the contact, he is more apt to accept the referral and contact the business and see if his needs can be met. Without the connection (introduction) of the individual, John might have to spend more time than what it is worth to find an appropriate program to suit his needs for the company. Now, granted, I did not receive any monetary value for the referral, but I gained more in my eyes. The opportunity to provide the answer! If you think that wont cash in in the future, your very mistaken! I just became a contact point for John and he will call on me again for something in the near future. Possibly the services I provide. If not, he will refer a friend or business associate to me shortly because he trusts me and the information I can share with him and his contacts.

 The old saying is true: Build bridges, don’t burn them!

 I think I’ve said too much!

 Kenny Pittman


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