Who’s looking out for you?

Why wouldn’t you want your business to be involved with community efforts that provide advocacy? I see many businesses in this community wondering what it takes to become more profitable, a value in their industry, or just questioning themselves about who is on their side. Let me start by saying that several organizations out there are on your side! I would like to focus on just one that pes-wies is apart of today.
Small Business Advisory Council Committee, formed by the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce.
This committee is involved in all related fields of business such as: Transportation, Education, Governmental Affairs, and business development for small to midsized companies. The purpose of the committee is to help your business by understanding some of your concerns and issues you face daily. With this information they can help advocate and determine if others are facing the same challenges as you. Then they can help by forwarding your concerns to those in the community that will come up with a solution to your issues.
Sounds like something every business can use, someone looking out for them!
If your interested in attending a meeting or want to find out more, contact Kenny over at https://pes-wies.com//
Here’s to future successes in your business and community!

“Payroll. The easy way!”

“We belong to the chamber, Do you? http://www.belongboisechamber.com/ (referred by Kenny Pittman)

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