What’s on your Bucket List?

Bucket list opportunities come and go everyday. Thinking about which one to check off next seems to be the question of day. Simple items may be on your list for as long as you have a list, or may even be on your list for a few hours before you decide to make it happen. What kind of things are on your list? Several of the ones I have on mine could have been completed when I was younger, simply by listening to my folks and relatives that had more experiences than me. Others could have been accomplished by not being so afraid to take a chance or risk at that moment in time. Today many of the items on my list are very attainable. But when do I find the time? Do I really need to complete the list to have a great experience in life? I don’t believe so, but why not try to make your life fun and exciting. You can share your list with those close to you or finish them on your own. To share the experience with someone close makes it that much more adventurous. Open up your list to those you trust and get started today towards an adventure beyond what you could have imagined. Best part of getting your list checked off is you get to create another one as soon as your finished with the first! Enjoy your lists and keep yourself focused on reaching beyond what each day has to offer!

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