Walking the High Wire!

Did you see Nik Wallenda walk 1500 feet over the Grand Canyon with no nets or safety harness? I was amazed by his talent and his desire to do the impossible! With so much on the “line”, like death, he picked up his balancing pole and stepped out where no man has gone before! I applaud his strength and courage. His bold faith in GOD. I even felt humbled by his love for his team and family. The support he has created in such a team is to be honored. Although he was born on the wire, he must have had some reservations about doing this amazing stunt. With the wind blowing him and the wire bouncing as he stepped, made me want to reach through the TV and steady the line myself! Tense moments for 23 minutes for sure.
Towards the final few hundred feet he kneels and blows a kiss to those he sees on the finish side. A gesture that told me he had finished the race. What got me was the thing he did next. He stood and ran the rest of the way to the arms of his family and friends.
What an inspiration of faith and love this man shared with the world. Thank you Nik for your passion and desire to let others know that they should “Never Give Up!”
Do you live life like Nik? I for one would like to start trying. Not on a wire per say, but in my daily work and family life.

“Walk your own high wire in life! Never Give up!”

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