W-2’s are being processed…(The week of January 21, 2013)…

W-2’s are being processed the week of January 21, 2013. They will be mailed to the current address pes-wies has on file. If you need to change your address with pes-wies, PLEASE EMAIL OR FAX YOUR REQUEST ALONG WITH YOUR NAME, LAST FOUR DIGITS OF YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, YOUR BIRTHDATE, AND YOUR EMPLOYER TO OUR OFFICE AT proempservice@aol.com. FAX 208-854-1902

If you would like to receive an electronic version, you MUST REGISTER BEFORE JANUARY 15, 2013 at www.w2copy.com (PLEASE CREATE A USER NAME AND PASSWORD THEN ENTER COMPANY CODE : IX7240

Please allow two weeks for the forms to be delivered via United States Postal Service (otherwise known as snail mail!) Should you need a reprint of your 2012 W-2’s they will be available begining in March 2013.

Thank you and have a Happy New Year in 2013!

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