Scouting for Leaders!!

I recently was honored and humbled by being asked to staff a scouting leadership course by the name of “Woodbadge.” A course on leadership skills and techniques that help build individuals confidence along with giving them a vision and mission in their current position in scouting, not to mention tools to use in the work place and at home.
I was a participant last year and found out a lot about playing nicely with others in the sand box! It taught me that each one of us listens, communicates, and manages conflict in different manners. It gave me a better understanding of people, including youth, that I needed to understand where they are coming from. Looking in from their perspective.
This year was different though. As a staff member I had the opportunity to teach what I had learned last year. I grew very close to my “patrol” during this training, guiding them through a process of “Delivering the Promise.” As each member of the staff worked together to make this a course like non before, I found myself with new friendships that I will treasure forever! One of which, most certainly would not have happened outside the scouting realm. I refer to my good friend Geoff! (You know who you are!) It was a true honor to befriend this man, and fun to get to know him on a personal and some what professional level. (If scouting is considered professional in some minds.) I was introduced to his wife once again, as she was a participant during my course last year as well. They made a great team of Troop Guides as well as the others that staff this years course. Our Course Director (Ron) enabled the staff to teach and build relationships with all the participants during course and truly accomplished his vision to “Deliver the Promise.”
With “Tickets” now needing to be fulfilled in the next 18 months, my hope and desire is to see each one of this years participants go the distance to carry out the vision of  “Delivering the Promise” to those they serve in scouting and their community.
This program is vital to anyone who is active in scouting or who has a career outside of the weekends. You can become a trained leader in your community and provide a great benefit for those you serve!
Google “Woodbadge Training Course” and find the nearest training facility in your area. You will truly benefit from this wonderful opportunity.
Yours in Scouting!

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