PCH Prize Patrol – I’m still at the same address!

Someone with the initials “KP” located in Eagle, Idaho is going to win the PCH drawing for Ten Million Dollars! Have you seen this message in your e-mail box or snail mail? I continue to get these notifications and am very excited to see if that person is me! I continue to accept these inquiries and submit my entry, but to no avail. No purchase necessary to win and nothing ever to buy is right there in the fine print. Yet, with all my patience and determination, I still do not receive a visit from the PCH prize patrol. Have they visited you lately?
I see several commercials of the PCH prize patrol delivering that giant check and balloons to some lucky winner, but their initials aren’t “KP”, and they don’t live in Eagle. What’s up with that? I am happy to see others winning lots of money and the outcome of an early retirement for those who win, but it truly bothers me that they always seem to think that I am the one who has the best chance of winning the contest. They have even ask me several times of the exact location of my residence and what times I would be available to receive their prize. I think I gave them the right directions? Maybe they confused my address with a neighbor or something. Who really knows? I sure don’t!
I’ll keep entering the contest cause it doesn’t cost me anything, yet! But do me a favor PCH, quite trying to get me all excited about winning. My wife is complaining about my future plans with that Ten Million Dollars you keep telling me I have a chance to win.
Here’s wishing you the best at PCH’s Ten Million Dollar prize!
See you at my house soon PCH prize patrol? Call me if you need better directions!
“KP” Eagle, IDAHO….

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