Our first pes-wies video for our website and social media….2016…

pes-wies has created it’s first video for use on social media and web site. We are very excited and looking forward to publishing more in the very new future. We hope you enjoy the video and would love to hear from you.

Did you like it?

Would you forward it to others you may know?

What information would you have rather seen in the video?

Would you like a more realistic video with live bodies?

What would you change (if anything)?

Did you like the call to action?

Can you understand the content and material?

Does it need to be longer or shorter in length? (The video!)

How much more detailed information do you think it might need?

Are payroll support services needed for your business?

Thank you for taking the time to help answer these important questions. We want to publish fun, interactive, and informing videos for our clients and others to share with their friends and families that might need payroll support services in Idaho.

We do appreciate your businesses.

The best “thank you” we could¬†every receive from you is a referral to someone pes-wies can help with payroll support services.



“Payroll. The easy way!”



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