“NO Soliciting!”

Based on an unofficial poll and survey (not really taken) 9 out of 10 business owners assume that their “No Soliciting” signs posted on their doors and hanging in the windows benefits their company. Why would you assume that? Heck, I would love to have people come into my place of business and introduce themselves. Why, you ask?
Well, first I love to meet new people. They might be interesting to talk to and who knows, they could have a widget I might need!
Second, it gives me the opportunity to market what my company does. They might not need my product or service, but chances are they know someone who does. It’s as simple as asking them!
Third, I love to hear their stories. Where they have been, what they have done, who they know. Some of their stories can be quite entertaining.
Finally, It gives me a sense of relationship building in my community. Without that, it seems pretty boring and obsolete to be involved in a business.
Just my two cents, whatever that’s worth! (Not much now, the government gets half of it anyways!)
So change your signs business owners, “Soliciting Encouraged”. Get to know those that want to know you. You never know when your next biggest client will walk through your doors!
FYI: Your welcome to visit us at any time!



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