Movi’n on UP!

It’s been quite a “ride” the past several years, at our soon to be former office complex. About six years now our growing company has gone through several property management companies, a new investor, and a renovation that would have cost less if they would have actually put money in to what needed to be fixed instead of spending their green backs on fancy water features and art work, that either didn’t work or are hideous to look at! Not to mention failing heating and air conditioning systems! Let’s not forget about the elevator not working for weeks, or the landscape not being maintained. What about the flood that happened about three months ago? Yep, still have floor damage in and around our current office space, no ceiling in the men’s room upstairs or downstairs. Floor molding lying in the halls. Every tenant, but one, left to deal with no janitorial services but for once a week (if their lucky). Clogged toilets and men using the women’s restroom and not putting the seat back down!
Oh, I guess one thing I might miss is the view from my window. Good old State Street, known for the high speed chases, Fire truck sirens, ambulance roaring down the road to help the poor victim of some tragedy. The view of the foothills and the smell of the little diner not more than 100 yards away. I’ll be OK!
Our new location is within reach. A few more days to say goodbye to our host building and all will be well.
Looking forward to the pretty landscape, newly painted walls, freshly cleaned carpet, and all the electrical issues we faced at our previous building, fading away like a sun set.
For those that remain in the building, we wish you the best. You’ll have a few more parking spots to choose from. Maybe I will stop by to say hello!
Were movi’n on up!

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