“Let’s Make a Deal!”

It’s BACK! A game everyone loves to play. You, the contestant, pick the bag that has the prize. Each bag in front of you, “P” the “E” or the “S”, has something everyone wants. It might be a hat, t-shirt, event tickets, or cold hard cash! It might be a prize that everyone wants to see you win! You will never know, unless you attend the “Let’s Make a Deal” promotion, once again, this season at the Boise Hawks home games.
Want a chance to play? Want to see others choose wisely? What about choosing poorly? Yes, there are prizes that will make you laugh, maybe even cry! Who’s to say how you’ll be feeling that day. But that’s part of the excitement you will feel as you wait patiently for their decision!
Here’s the “deal”, If you are a business owner and are 21 years or older, you can enter to play each night at the stadium prior to the game. Drop in a business card at the customer relations booth and cross your fingers that they pick you to play! Enter each “home game” evening and maybe, just maybe, you will be picked to play “Let’s Make a Deal!”.
See you at the ball park! Batter UP! Swing batter, batter swing!


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