Lead by Example!

I have learned recently a new idea or principal and teaching method. It can be used to lead others in ways that other applications have failed. It’s not so much a set plan or presentation that you might think. This method just makes sense! Those of us who want to educate and provide leadership to youth, businesses, and community, need to really take heart to this type of training.

The method I am describing is called “EDGE”. Those in the scouting arena know exactly what I am getting at. In a simple but profound way, it allows the student the opportunity to have the information presented, shown, practiced, and preformed. Giving each individual an actual hands on experience of the knowledge being taught. Here’s how it works:

E = Explain in detail the information you have to present.
D = Demonstrate how the information works or benefits them.
G = Guide them as they need to better understand the information.
E = Enable them to use the information to grow and share with others.

Now my explanation is very broad, but you should see how this type of leadership can benefit anyone in any learning environment. You are the example set forth to those you encounter. Lead by example and this community, nation, or world will be better because of YOU!

For more information on EDGE or if you have questions contact me directly. I would be honored to share with you the EDGE experience!


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