Is Social Media effecting your business or employees?

We all first believed that this social media thing was just a fade right? Be honest! Looks like we could not have been more wrong. In just a few months I went from not knowing how to sign up on Face book and twitter, to learning how to run my own web site and start a blogging page. (With the help of some very patient people of course!) But look at me now.
Business seems to be coming in from the efforts I have put together. More people can see what we offer, as apposed to waiting to run into me at an event somewhere in town. Heck, most people know where I will be, and when, as they read my tweets. Some will use the information to keep their distance, some will want the pleasure of my company. Either way it sure effects my business. How about you?
On another note, employees of businesses that allow social media can get caught up in the twittering of information that may have been meant for “your eyes only”. Comments on services or products that individuals may or may not have experienced will pop up now and again as people want to get back at you or a business for not meeting their expectations. Be warned! Not all you read on the screen is proof of integrity!
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