In the “Now”!

So “Santa” brings a new BMX bike for our teenage son for Christmas. Nice enough of the jolly old fellow to help support our sons interest in “shredding” at the bike park! Only thing is, the boy doesn’t seem to take into account that his bike repairs are costing more than what “Santa” paid for the darn thing! “I need a new one!” “This one doesn’t work as well anymore!” It’s to heavy, the brakes don’t work, and the new neck that was just put on is already bent!” “The wheel was like that when I got it!” Sound like something you’ve heard before? My struggle is the same as yours. What can we do to get it through their heads that we all work hard to support our needs at home and that we would like to retire, at some point, with some financial stability. Most kids don’t think in future tense. They think in the NOW! Present to them is already a thing of the past!

 I have noticed the same with some businesses recently as well. They seem to want to live for the NOW, and gamble with the present and future of their business. They downsize the number of employees, reduce ordering inventory, cut hours of operation, pay vendors late with no tact or remorse, even withhold tax deposits and payments to their friends in the government. Now that’s one way to get yourself in trouble with the law! Penalties, interest payments, fines, judgements, ect….. A simple suggestion to those who fall into the above category, get your business involved in a community organization that can help you grow in integrity, honesty, and trust. Several non-profits might include the BBB, Local or Regional Chamber of Commerce, or a city program in your area. You will find that spending a little time in your community will turn a great profit for you personally. Not to mention what it can do for your business.

 If you would like help locating some of these organizations for your business, send me an e-mail. I would be honored to help get you started into looking towards the future. My son, on the other hand, well, he will probably end up getting what he wants too! Sooner rather than later.

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