If a Bunny Can Hide an Egg?

First things first! What came first? The chicken or the egg? And how did the bunny end up with it? We all get to enjoy this Easter tradition once again. Hiding Easter eggs filled with candy and coins for the little ones in our community and families. I find it interesting that the little ones don’t question how a bunny hides an egg. Some are in plain site on the ground, some are hidden in obvious locations around the yard, others are more challenging and are up high and camouflaged quite nicely. (These are the ones you find the preceding year, of course!) Do you always end up with the total you started with? We don’t! I think the bunny came back a took some to save for next year. It is possible, as well ,that we are just getting older and can’t remember the count or where exactly we hide them.
You would think that year after year the bunny would want to retire from his duty and hire out his position. Not the case. He or she (to be politically correct) just keeps going and going and going! (Hey, I’ve heard that somewhere before!) Any relation? That’s one to check up on in the future.
Anyway, Hope your Easter is as fun and exciting as what you see when the little ones are released to hunt and fill their baskets!
Happy Easter!

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