Healthy Employees = Less Health Care Costs for Businesses!

Well here it is. The information you have all been waiting for. Wait no longer! Healthy employees cost your business LESS!! Just think, in less than one year, Yes, one year, you will have to provide your employees with health insurance benefits. ” NO ONE LEFT BEHIND!” If your small business is needing to save money in this economy, which is every business, you will need to offer your employees a way to remain healthy to save yourself money. Yep, you guessed it. You have to do the work of keeping them, or offerring them a health plan. Not a health benefit plan, but a HEALTH plan. You know diet & excercise. Now I know what your thinking, “I am not providing my employees a gym membership or signing them up with a nutrisionist” but there is a way to have the best of both worlds. Health Benefits and Health Plans.

Let’s start with the Health Plan. There is a local guy in Idaho who provides free health coaching! YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! “FREE” Health Coaching. As a business owner, you can refer your employees to him to have Him design a program for their current health needs. You have now offered your employee a benefit that will pay off big! Here is the contact information, cause I know you are wondering and want to check it out.


David Mehrens
Healthy by Design
208-830-5061 Cell
OK now let’s start talking Health Benefts.  There is a way to save time, money, and investigation of coverages. If you really want to know what your going to need for 2014 here is another free insurance quote opportunity. YES, again, “FREE”. If you call the following insurance broker and let her know that Kenny Pittman referred you, she will provide you with a free consultation of your needs and even get quotes for your business and employees so you can be ready when 2014 arrives. She can even check up on your business insurance coverages to make sure you have the right policies in place. What a deal huh? Here is the contact information.
Alda DeArmond & Carrie Purchase
Insure Idaho
208-947-9777 office
Who’s looking out for you today? That’s right, ME! Make it a great day.. pes-wies “Payroll. The easy way!”
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