From PC to Mac!

Dear MAC,

 You have stolen my user and I am upset! I have been with them for most of their lives and my hard drive is in need of some space! You come into view, as they set you in front of me. I despise your flashy, modern look. I will now hold there valuable files and programs hostage while they try to extract the information from me, to give to you. It has taken most of my GB to obtain this information and you think just because you are new that I will allow this transfer? NOT TODAY! Maybe not ever!

They are so computer illiterate that it will take months, NO, years for them to figure out how to do it without losing their precious files and folders. You see, I hold the passwords and keys that they have forgotten. I hold the pictures of memories they hold so dear. I poses the power to allow any changes in their documents! Should I be fearful of your presence? NO! I am in control!

That external hard drive they purchased won’t help you. It will not format to your needs. You see, they are already frustrated with you. Your completely different than me. They won’t have the patients to learn your ways.

You are a novelty to them. I will keep my place on this desk forever!

I’m sure by now that they have realized their mistake. They are probably going to return you as soon as they can. As for my users, STAY AWAY!


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