“FREE” Gift For YOU!

Not many people believe in “FREE” stuff anymore. Guess that’s because it usually comes with a catch! I bet 95% of the “free” stuff offered to you and me has some kind of membership or cancellation policy that you must invoke or you will get billed. Why all the tactics and formalities? If you want to give something away, just give it away! Yes, I looked at your site or found your ad somewhere. It made me take a second look when you offered me a “freebie”. I admit, I like free stuff. I can use it or give it to someone else. You make it sound as if you are giving me something of value. Most “Free” gifts are small and inexpensive. Your the one who tried this marketing tactic. So man (or woman) up and do what you claim, give me your “free” stuff! I know you want my business. Heck I want yours too, but lets face it, giving away “free” stuff is not really “free”!

With that said, I have received “free” stuff recently. If you look hard enough and do your research, it is available to you. Remember that research is time, and time costs something, so is it really “FREE”?

For your “FREE” gift from pes-wies, visit our site at www.pes-wies.com, fill out a cost comparison questionnaire and receive a “FREE” gift. A little of your time is worth a little “FREE” gift!

Does that make me hypocritical? Probably!


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