Enjoy Your Free Day!

Now that the commercial holiday of giving flowers and candy is over, I would like to propose a new and exciting holiday for everyone to enjoy! I call this, the non-commercial holiday of “FREE DAY.” This newly developed holiday should be celebrated by all. Giving you and everyone you know the much needed day to do whatever you have been wanting to do, today or whenever! This holiday can be scheduled at your convenience and is not pinned down to any specific date on the calendar. Making it a holiday about YOU!

With all the listed holidays that benefit some more than others, I think “you” should be the focus of this special day. Letting you decide how to spend your precious day.

To implement this newly developed holiday, all you have to do is get approval from your boss, spouse (in some cases the same), or whomever you report to daily and let them know you are taking¬†your “Free day” and when. In some cases you may extend your special day (should you get fired or laid off after your request) but hey, you get your day and maybe more!

I think this new holiday can work! Feel free to let me know how you spent your “FREE DAY” and feel free to rename the day should it become a staple of your new holiday schedule.

Enjoy each day!


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