End of the 1st quarter! Do you need a trick play?

 As in a normal regulation football game, the end of the first quarter is coming to an end. Have you processed your tax deposits and filled out your reports for our good friends at the state and federal levels? They are eagerly awaiting your payments! Maybe even hoping you have filed late or inaccurately so they can fine or penalize your business for an unintentional error. Some of these concerns are warranted if your handling these issues on your own. Find a trusted source that can provide your business with payroll support services and let the experts do what they do best! Keep yourself focused on building your business and taking care of your clients. This will give your company a “touch down” and leave the competition wondering what your trick play might be. pes-wies would be honored to help answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding tax deposits and payments. Email your questions to office@pes-wies.com.

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