Remember when you had to get up to turn the television on and off? Not to mention changing the channels?

Remember when mobile phones actually had to be attached to a battery box and still had a cord?

Remember when indoor games were made of card board and plastic pieces?

Remember when M&M’s had only four colors?

Remember when parents could discipline with a belt or switch?

Remember when gas was under $1.00 a gallon?

Remember when hide and seek lasted more than 10 minutes?

Remember when you had to hand write book reports and learn how to spell words?

Remember when time counldn’t go by fast enough?

Remember when you had to “research” for information?

Remember when horse power was actually a horse?

Remember when sports athletes played for the love of the game?

Remember when family get together’s weren’t interventions?

Remember when the old westerns actually had a plot?

Remember when you offered your neighbor a kind smile?

Remember when you opened the door for a lady or an elderly person?

Remember when the younger generation respected the older generation?

Remembering is a memory of our past. We can all humble ourselves by remembering to remember!

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