Do you lease a car, equipment, or office space for your business? Why not your employees?

We aren’t talking about hiring your employees from a staffing company or temporary hire organization. We’re talking about actually leasing your current and future employees. Ones that you hire, terminate, set hours, pay rates and salaries for. If you get benefits from leasing a car, equipment, or even office space, wouldn’t you think there would be a benefit to leasing your employees too? Believe it when we tell you there is a benefit. More than one!

PEO’s are what they are called. PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYER ORGINIZATIONS. Ever hear of them? They have been around quite some time and many businesses are finding the benefits of having their payroll support services provided by these type of companies. Some PEO’s offer more than just payroll support. They can offer a wide variety of health related benefits, 401K programs, workers compensation insurance, even human resource programs. Now small and mid sized businesses can really benefit by researching these services and comparing the true cost of employees with leased employees. Have you compared?

For detailed information on how PEO’s work and what they can offer your business, contact Kenny at pes-wies and receive free information and cost comparison on your current employee support programs. Be informed and educated on business options that you may have never considered. What is your business focused on today?

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