Do you have a friend in a foreign country too?

My good friend, from some foreign country, just e-mailed me again! It’s been quite some time since I last heard from them. His note seemed to indicate that he had a position in a bank and was trying to find the family of a client whom had passed away recently. Unknown to me, I am the nearest living relative that could greatly benefit from the unfortunate death. (Sorry to hear about your passing, great, great, great, great, great, whatever relation we have in common.) Seems you left your bank account with quite a lot of money in it. Approximately $40 million or so, give or take. And your last request was that it be distributed to me and my family. WOW! Thanks so much for thinking of me (at least once in your life.)
Problem is they need to send the funds directly to my account here in the great US of A. Mailing a cashiers check would be to much of a issue. Now that you found me and have my e-mail address you probably already have my home address too, If it’s not to much to ask, would you consider sending a cashiers check just this once. I would be glad to pay for postage and handling on a C.O.D. basis. (I think I could afford that once you sent the cashiers check!)
I am not comfortable sending you any bank routing information via the Internet or snail mail. Do you know how many scams there are out there? I am sure you understand my concerns. I will wait patiently for the cashiers check to arrive. Send it out when your paperwork is complete. I will notify you upon delivery. Maybe even visit your wonderful country and stop by to say “hello” when I can. (Where did you say you were located?)
Thank you for contacting me with this valuable information. My long lost relative knew he or she could trust you. So do I!

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