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Computers are down, but we will prevail!

To our payroll support service clients, we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our new firewall system. This is causing our printers not to function and print checks or reports. We are working with several smart individuals to help solve our issue. (That said, it wa
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Save Labor Costs.. Start Today!!!

pes-wies is ready to help you save on your labor expenses. If you’re currently sending in payroll on napkins, punch cards, clever spreadsheets, or calling in from your mobile phone, there is a better, more convenient method! Our partnership with t-sheets is that method. This is
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New Time & Attendance option at pes-wies “Payroll. The easy way!”

OK, so here it is. pes-wies has now officially partnered with t-sheets to offer our current and future clients a labor cost saving program! How does it work, you ask? Well let me explain. If you go to our website at and scroll to the bottom, on the right, you will see
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Something New, This Way Comes!

pes-wies┬áhas something new to offer our current a future clients! You asked for it and you got it! we will be going live with the new “something” this week! If your curious and want to know more, stay tuned and be ready to be amazed. You no longer need to wonder if it can
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Our first pes-wies video for our website and social media….2016…

pes-wies has created it’s first video for use on social media and web site. We are very excited and looking forward to publishing more in the very new future. We hope you enjoy the video and would love to hear from you. Did you like it? Would you forward it to others you may kno
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