Better Late, Than Never!

Better Late, Than Never!
Although we all have trouble facing a dead line, Always remember that it’s always “Better Late, Than Never!” Kind of like asking for forgiveness, instead of permission! It gets the job done, and well, you get what you want, right? It beats the other side of the coin which might be depression or a loss of some kind. So get with it,  get going on that one thing that you are behind in. Then you wont have to worry or stress about it being late. I got to go now, running late!
“Little Miracle….115”
Little Miracle 115
A Command Performance

When giving the Little Miracles book as a gift, make it a command performance. Place a personal note on the inside page. When you give the Little Miracles book, be sure it is beautifully wrapped with a ribbon and a bow. The dynamics of giving a wrapped gift makes a 180 degree paradigm shift in any relationship. With a wrapped gift, a rapport begins before words are exchanged. A wrapped gift immediately triggers an emotion of great expectancy. The Little Miracles book is a perfect gift for clients, prospects, friends, and relatives. In fact, it is a perfect gift for anyone whose future you deeply care about. The Little Miracles book is a gift which will be valuable to the recipient for the rest of their life. If you give gifts to special friends and relatives for the holidays and birthdays and think Little Miracles, it will have a more positive and lasting effect than a fifth of Jack Daniel’s.

A performance worthy of Broadway
Mel Kaufman ~
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