Added to our Family!

So we broke down this CHRISTMAS, yes I said CHRISTMAS, and decided to spoil our kids once again. The youngest gave us such a performance, with the tears and all, that we added to our family. Now when I say we “added to our family”, it should not indicate that my wife and I had become, once again, “romanticly connected” if you get my meaning, it means that we have adopted two new puppies into the household.
A shocking realization to say the least. Why? My oldest promised to help clean up, feed, walk and wash the new arrivals whenever they needed it. Yea right! That lasted a whole day. The youngest still puts effort into them, yet not as much help as I was hoping for.
My new responsiblity as Alpha leader has taken hold. They seem to understand my way or else. They are very cute, I suppose that’s so they don’t get eaten when there out in the wild! As for the training, it seems to be going well. At 14 and 15 weeks old they have had a few accidents on the floor. Maybe to much excitement. But what really has me so proud is that they acknowledge they need to go out by hitting a bell we hung from our door handle. Pretty smart huh? Well what can your 14week old do?
Anyway, wanted to share that with you. Hope your families have a most blessed 2011!
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