best kept secret?

Best Kept Secret?

kenny_toon4Thank you for taking the time to visit the pes-wies web site. pes-wies was established in 2001 to provide local Idaho business owners the option to outsource their payroll needs to an organization that specializes in payroll support. Many local Idaho businesses have saved time, employee costs by outsourcing their payroll and tax administration support services from pes-wies. Below are a few business owners that have graciously sent in a brief statement to share their thoughts on pes-wies support services.

I have been using PES for my payroll since late 2004, and could not be happier. From the ease of doing business measurement, I am completely satisfied, and the pricing allows me to focus on my business and save money in the process. The staff is familiar with my needs and very responsive to them. Out of all the vendors I do business with, PES is the first one that I would recommend to ANY other business owner without reservation.

David M Kuck

Boise Weekly has been using Professional Employee Services since 2002. Many other companies solicit for our payroll services often but we would not think of leaving PES. They are friendly, easy to work with, always on schedule, always accurate, accommodating to all payroll needs and solution oriented. We have benefits, Simple IRA, contract employees…you name, they can handle it. A business like Boise Weekly can be challenging to work with our progressive liberal mindset. But they can even handle our $%#$% quirky character.

Sally Freeman

Boise Weekly. Boise, Idaho.

Professional Employee Services has been an invaluable business partner to Prime Equity Mortgage since we opened in 2004. Your entire staff is accommodating and wonderful to work with and we’d be lost without you. Knowing we have a partner we can trust to take care of everything associated with payroll (including W2s, government reporting and automatic deposits) allows us to focus on what we do best… mortgages! Prime Equity has been ranked in the top 10 mortgage companies by the Idaho Business Review and I am convinced that we couldn’t have done it without quality strategic partners such as Professional Employee Services. You’re prices are so incredibly competitive that there’s no way payroll could be done “in-house” for less. I feel so lucky that we “stumbled” on to P.E.S. when we first opened… you’re the best kept secret ever. I highly recommend Professional Employee Services to anyone looking to outsource payroll… especially small business owners! Thank you again for everything you do.

Shanna Wroten-Tucker

Opening a new business is overwhelming with all of the decisions that need to be made: the who’s, how’s, where’s, why’s, and when’s, that you must face are daunting! One of the best decisions, if not the best, my husband and I made while opening our business was to hire Western IdahoEmployee Services to do our payroll! While we could have done it ourselves, we chose to have Darcy, Marcy, Kathy, and Kenny handling all our payroll forms and taxes which frees us up to spend more time on what’s important to us, our customers. It couldn’t be easier: I just fax in the hours on Thursday and on Friday they deliver the checks to our business (they even do direct deposits). If I’m in need of a report, I simply call them up and they fax me the information that I need – they are WONDERFUL! We can’t speak highly enough of the services provided by pes-wies and we recommend them to anyone looking for a way to run his/her business more efficiently.

Krista & Paul McKenna

Signs By Tomorrow in Boise has been using Professional Employee Services for over two years and we have been very happy with the service. Before switching to PES our issues were high cost and poor service. In addition to this, we were seeing our payroll processing dollars leave the local area and going to a company in another state. PES makes the entire process easy, quick, and very cost effective. I highly recommend PES to any small or medium size business that is either sending their payroll processing dollars outside of Idaho or is doing it themselves. You won’t be sorry that you put your trust in PES.

Martin Ackerman

For the past three years I have worked in the Payroll department with over 350 employees and in that time I have come to truly value Professional Employee Services. They are service oriented, friendly, accurate, and conscientious of our deadlines and requirements. Their work is consistent, complete, and dependable.


They respond to emails quickly so I don’t need to stop my work to make the call. If I send a time sensitive request, they will often send a quick acknowledgement just to let me know they are on the job.


They quickly help me resolve any issue in a non-critical and professional way – even if the error is mine. They will deliver documents or checks to the same location more than once in a day, if they can, and right to my desk (which is upstairs – not just inside the door at the front desk). They will call a financial institution, without compromising confidentiality, to verify that funds were directed to the correct account for automatic deposits, instead of deferring that task back to me.


Their reports are complete, correct, and easy to read. We were recently audited and the examiner was pleased that everything was in order and easy to check. All we had to do with the reports was put them in a binder!


They are also very quick to reprint W-2’s that employees may have “lost in the move.”This gets quite crazy right around tax time.


When I have a question, I especially appreciate the additional service of giving me competent instructional information about topics such as payroll taxes or garnishment procedures. The emails will contain comprehensive understandable information complete with examples. It’s so well written I can often “cut and paste” portions of it in response to inquiries directed to me from employees – and that really makes my job easier!


Simply stated, ProEmp has a “let’s get this done” attitude. They never make me feel like I am interrupting their day, they just get right to it and work with me to complete the task at hand.

A raving fan,

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